As much as we’d like to be a part of your community’s pool party, maybe we shouldn’t get an invite.

We’ve helped lots of HOAs and managed communities manage their pools’ access and safety, making them more accessible and cost effective. But, truth be told, we’re not necessarily a value-add for everyone

To help you better assess if our service may be the right fit for you, we want to reveal the three reasons that our service would not be the right fit for you.

  • You don’t have lifeguards to check people in – As our service stands right now, you will need a lifeguard or gate attendant to check residents or members in. Most communities we work with provide an inexpensive tablet or laptop to the lifeguard. When residents arrive, they give their name, phone number or address to the lifeguard, who then simply checks them in. While we are working on a bluetooth-enabled unmanned access service, as of the time of this writing, it is currently not available. So, lifeguards, yay. Unguarded pools, nay.
  • You don’t have a budget for it – Our digital pool access service is not right for some communities simply because they do not have the budget for it. If you’re looking for a free application, this isn’t it. Our typical service costs about $1,000 to set up and runs a monthly subscription fee of $150-$250 for maintenance and support, depending on the size of the community. For more information on our pricing, please visit our How Much does a Digital Pool Pass Cost blog.
  • You don’t have WiFi or internet access at your pool entrance – Our digital pool pass service does require that you have a WiFi or internet connection at the entrance to your pool. This internet connection allows the lifeguard or gate attendant to access the resident database and check-in residents and guests who have been validated. This isn’t an issue for most of our customers, as they are already equipping the pool area with WIFI for residents, but if you’re not, you’ll have to make plans to install a router.

If any of these three realities are true for you, and you don’t plan on changing them, we’re simply not going to be a great fit for you. We never want to sell you anything that you won’t find value in, and we’ll always be up-front about that.

Should the above three reasons not be obstacles for you, though, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here to learn more about our services and our development schedule.