Cost General Information Voting Service

How Much Does Your Digital Voting Service Cost?

We value clean and simple communication; it’s the business we’re in. So, let’s answer this question right up front: there’s...
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Amenity Reservation General Information

What are the Top 3 Ways My Community Benefits From a Digital Amenity Reservation Service?

Amenities are awesome. Unused or over-abused amenities aren’t. We understand the importance of providing top-notch amenities to your community. Whether...
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Voting Service

How Does Your Digital Voting Service Work?

Managing a community ultimately requires management, including systems for voting about community issues and leadership.  Yep, we’ve got an app...
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Amenity Reservation Information Mobile App

What Community Amenities Does Your Digital Amenity Reservation Service Support?

Don’t let your amenities become arguments. If you’ve got terrific resources for your community members, they deserve to be able...
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Digital Pool Pass Timeline

How Long Will It Take to Set Up the Digital Pool Pass Service?

We get it. Once you’re finally ready to move forward with a digital pool pass for your community, you’re ready...
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General Information Security

How is Your Information Secured?

At MokoApp, we take the security and protection of resident data really, really seriously. It’s our business. We’re here to...
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Digital Pool Pass General Mobile App

Do I Need to Sign a Contract to Get Started?

Yep! While our contracts aren’t super long or overly dense, they do provide both you and us with some parameters...
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Cost Digital Pool Pass Pricing

How Much Does Our Digital Pool Pass Service Cost?

Some folks can get a little squirrely when talk shifts to money, but not us. We’re building a service based...
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Integration Mobile App

Do Your Services Integrate with Any Other Platforms?

In a word, yes! We’ve tried our best to make setting up and using a mobile app as simple and...
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Cost General Integration Mobile App Pricing

Are we the right fit for your pool? Maybe not.

As much as we’d like to be a part of your community’s pool party, maybe we shouldn’t get an invite....
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Mobile App Timelines

How Long Will It Take to Publish a Mobile App for Our Community?

Communities and homeowners associations that are considering a mobile app for their neighborhoods often ask us how long it will...
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Cost General Pricing

How Much Does a Community Mobile App Cost?

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective clients is, “How much does a custom mobile app cost?” ...
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MokoApp: A Custom Mobile App for HOAs and Managed Communities

You care about the community you manage – we know this. You want your community members to feel safe. To...
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