Some folks can get a little squirrely when talk shifts to money, but not us. We’re building a service based on clear communication and an easy-to-use interface; we’d be crazy to complicate that when dealing with our own customers.

Essentially, a digital pool pass app will cost you $500 to $3,500 to set up, and $150-$250 a month to manage. The costs are variable based on a few factors: 

  • Size of the Community
      • An app like a digital pool pass requires data storage, and the larger your community is the more data you’ll need to store. While this increase in data and content doesn’t typically affect the set up cost of the service, it can affect the monthly subscription service to maintain and support the system. If you live in or manage a smaller community (less than 200 residential units) the monthly subscription fee typically runs $150/month. For midsize communities (ie – those between 200 and 500 residential units), the monthly subscription fee tends to run $175. As for large scale communities (those above 1,000 residential units), you’ll likely need to budget $200/month and above for the monthly subscription fee.
  • Integrations
      • MokoApp can currently integrate its services with the following HOA accounting/management platforms: TOPS, Vantaca, Caliber, VMS and VIZpin (more integrations are coming soon). For more info on what it means to integrate with an app, see our blog post on integrations here. Using integrated accounting software can allow you to manage pool access based on dues and other managed resources. Based on current customer use, and depending on the scope of the integration, these integration set up costs have ranged from $500-$1,500. Some of the above accounting/management platforms also charge an additional monthly integration subscription fee, which can range from $25-$75/community per month.
  • Customizations and Data Migrations
      • Sometimes, based on your goals for using a digital service like a pool pass, you can’t get everything you want in our ready-to-go framework. So, you’ll need to customize your service. You can see our list of standard features below, but if your needs don’t fall within that set, you may need to budget some extra dollars for customization. We typically do this by projecting the numbers of hours needed, and charging a developer’s rate $30-$75/hr.
      • The features included in our standard digital pool pass service are:
        • Ability for residents to register on their phones or computers
        • Ability for managers to validate or deny applicants
        • Flexible setting of pool rules and access requirements (ie-children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult)
        • Guest pass capability
        • Detailed usage and check-in reporting

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