One of the most common questions we receive from prospective clients is, “How much does a custom mobile app cost?” 

A quick Google search search isn’t tremendously helpful – you’ll get answers from $5,000 to $500,000. That’s a pretty wide range.

Since we’re a company based on clean and clear communication, here’s our answer, right up front: a custom mobile app for your community will probably cost you about $1,000 to set up and launch, and about $150 a month based on size and features to manage.

Of course, the amount of features, the number of integrations, the size of your HOA or community, and other factors may move that price up or down, but the majority of our customers fall within the above range.

If those numbers are within striking distance for you, keep reading. We can design a branded app for you that offers you and your managed community increased communication and engagement.

Here’s what ultimately going to drive the final price for your app.


We currently provide three services to HOAs and managers: a mobile app service, a digital pool pass (or check-in) service and a digital amenity reservation service. The pricing we provided above reflects what we typically charge for our Mobile App Service. We will outline pricing for the digital pool pass and amenity reservation services in other posts.

Here’s some of the standard features we offer by service type:

Mobile App Service – News, Alerts (Push Notifications), Calendar, Documents, Newsletter, Submit A Request, Useful Contact Information and Alert Tagging (allows residents to opt in and out of the categories of alerts they receive).

Digital Pool Pass (Check-In) Service – Ability for residents to register on their phones or computers, ability for managers to validate or deny applicants, flexible setting of pool rules and access requirements (ie-children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult), guest pass capability, detailed usage and check-in reporting, lifeguard check-in and news posting features.

Amenity Reservation Service – Ability for managers to validate or deny reservations to households, set up all amenities (tennis courts, pool, clubhouse etc) and their respective usage rules, ability to collect payments for amenity usage, ability for residents to reserve slots at all available amenities.

Features beyond what are listed above are available, but often require customizations.


MokoApp can currently integrate its services with the following HOA accounting/management platforms: TOPS, Vantaca, Caliber and VMS.

We’re always working on seamlessly integrating with more of the systems you already use. Let us know if you’ve got something you’re interested for us to include.

Size of the Community

One of the components of running a successful mobile app for your community is data storage. The best and most user friendly apps store content and data that are useful to residents. The larger the community, the more data that is typically stored. While this increase in data and content doesn’t typically affect the set up cost of the app, it can affect the monthly subscription service to maintain and support the app. 

And, if you’re a proprietary management company interested in multiple apps for multiple communities at once, volume purchases are rewarded with volume discounts. Just reach out and ask.

If you’d like to reach out and schedule a call with us, please click here.