Communities and homeowners associations that are considering a mobile app for their neighborhoods often ask us how long it will take to get their mobile app up and running.

In general, the time from “let’s do it” to launch tends to be about 4-6 weeks.

And, as always, there are some things that speed up that process, and some things that we’ll need some extra time to get accomplished.

The timeline is essentially dependent on three factors: 1) the app features requested, 2) the speed with which your community can make mobile app decisions and provide requested deliverables, and 3) the app review schedule of Apple and Google.

Here’s what that means for you:

App Features Requested

Some of the standard features that are included in our MokoApp mobile app service are: 

  • News 
  • Alerts (Push Notifications)
  • Calendar 
  • Documents
  • Newsletter
  • Submit A Request
  • Useful Contact Information 
  • Alert Tagging (allows residents to opt in and out of the categories of alerts they receive)

If the features that you request in your app fall within the standard offerings above we would expect your app set-up time to be approximately four weeks.

If you want to have us build custom app features beyond the standard offering, which some neighborhoods do, that would extend the time it takes to develop and publish your app. Of course, we’d provide an estimate of that extension during our initial scope discussions with you.

Decisions and Deliverables

When setting up your app service, you’re a part of the process. We’ll need some information from you, and we’ll need you to make some decisions throughout the process. Some of this information may include email addresses and credentials you’d like associated with the service, and what categories of alerts you’d like residents to receive. You’ll also have to decide things like color scheme, photos or images for the app, logo, etc.

While we will provide you with a short list of information and deliverables needed in advance of our first design kick off call with you, the speed with which you make the decisions and return the information requested will drive the app completion schedule. 

Again, if you’re able to get us what we need in a relatively timely manner, you’re looking at staying right at that four week set-up timeline.

Apple and Google’s Approval Schedule

For our mobile app service, we develop a native mobile app that will be available for download from the Apple App and Google Play stores (a native mobile app is simply one that is downloaded and made to work directly on your device). Once we complete the app, we follow a submission process to the Apple App and Google Play stores where the apps are reviewed. 

Should there be no issues during submission, Apple and Google then approve and publish the app to their respective stores. For the most part, Apple and Google are fast and efficient in approving submissions, taking only a day or two to do so. However, if they get backed up or if they find an issue with the submission, this can sometimes add up to an additional week to your project’s schedule.

Please keep in mind that the above time estimates are also contingent upon our production schedule as well. If we have a longer backlog of projects to complete, it may take longer to start your project. While it’s not an exact science, we do our best to communicate your expected project start date up front. However, once your project is started, the above time estimates are a good guide.

If you’d like to reach out and schedule a call with us, please click here.