Better data drives better decision-making. 

Without good data, even our best attempts at strategic decisions are little more than assumptions or hope-filled guesstimates. 

And, when you think about the amenities you offer to your residents, and whether or not you are delivering the value you believe that you are, data can help.

There’s perhaps no amenity more expensive than your community’s pool. And, there’s perhaps no amenity less understood. 

In the past, tracking community pool usage and attendance was hard. Lifeguards and gate attendants typically collected residents’ hard copy pool passes on entry, and returned them upon exit, without recording anything. Or, at the most, they’d scribble notes on papers that would stack up, get lost, and end up wet. 

There was never any data to guide understanding, only a gate attendant’s memory that Tuesday seemed busier than Wednesday. Or perhaps the other way around. Or was it Thursday?

Times have changed.

Now, digital pool entry services can perform real-time tracking and reporting that helps community managers and board members make better decisions around pool usage. 

At MokoApp, we provide digital pool pass services that have these reporting capabilities so HOA managers and board members can get a better handle on usage patterns. 

Here are the top 3 most popular tracking reports that communities generate after the pool season:

  • Total Number of Resident Check-Ins for the Season – this report allows managers to see the total number of residents who checked in to the pool during the season. This is a great way to check the popularity of the pool and compare this with the total number of residents in the community. Are people using the pool at the rate you assumed? What percentage of the community is using it? Are there multiple pools? Should there be? 
  • Total Number of Guest/Visitor Check-In for the Season – this report allows managers to see how many guests are visiting the pool each season. Different communities have different guest pass policies for their pools, but few have the ability to make data-informed decisions about them. Should there be fewer guest passes issued? More? Should you charge for them? 
  • Total Number of Check-Ins Per Day and Per Month for the Season – this report allows HOA managers to see both the total number of resident and guest check-ins/check-outs by day and by month. This report is a great way to see the most popular pool days, weeks, and months during the season. You may have assumptions about when people come, but hard data allows you to know it. Should we open the pool earlier in the season? Keep it open later at night? Shut it down on Mondays? 

Depending on the information you’d like to track, MokoApp can generate reports that move you from assumption to knowledge, allowing you to make decisions that actually reflect how your residents want to use the amenities you provide.

It’s about getting more value from the value you provide.

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