Clear communication is critical to managing a thriving community. 

Effective communication delivers relevant information and relevant information drives resident engagement. 

And, when used proactively, communication can help community managers and residents avoid the evolution of small concerns growing into major problems.

At MokoApp, our mobile app service allows managers to push out notifications to residents to keep them informed on community-related topics. Studies have shown that push notifications to residents can create 10 times the engagement than an email can.

Ten times the engagement. That’s a big deal.

Push notifications happen when community managers want to make sure all residents see a relevant piece of information in real-time, without waiting for them to log into their app or websites. They “push” a message, much like a text, directly to residents’ phones.

And, while you don’t want your push notifications to ever cross the line into spamming, there are some categories of communication around which managers and residents alike appreciate the use of push notifications.

Here are the top 3 message categories that managers pushed out this past year as a way to help their residents stay on top of necessary actions:

  1. Announcements: (Events, HOA Board Meeting, Amenity Availability) Announcements for events, board meetings, and amenity availability were the most popular use for push notifications this past year. Whether it was to communicate pool closings or invite residents to open houses, these announcement-type alerts were at the top of the list and a perfect way to keep residents engaged.
  2. Reminders: (Trash Pick Up, Parking Passes, Maintenance Schedules-Mowing, Pest Control) Reminders for property management activities were the second most popular use for push notifications in 2023. These notifications came in the form of alerts reminding residents of community services like pest control application dates or community-related plumbing repairs. When garbage collection is delayed, a push notification the day before alerts residents to the change. No one likes being caught off guard or missing deadlines, and these notifications were a great way to keep them aware of maintenance timelines.
  3. Links: (New Management, Meeting Links, Voting Links) Lastly, links to more information were the third most popular use of push notifications to residents this past year. These came in the form of links to virtual board meetings, links to online voting information, and links to web pages with more detailed information and instructions. While push notifications are a great way to alert residents and catch their attention, pointing them to a link with more information is a great way to provide them easy access to more detailed content without overwhelming them with the alert.

Last, you always want to put control in the hands of your residents. More communication is great, until it isn’t, and you want your residents to have some ability to control the flow.

Below are sample alert tags residents can use to opt in or out of alert categories. These can be customized based on your community and its needs. 

Push Notification

If you’d like to reach out and schedule a call with us about adding this service or providing this app to your residents, please click here.