We get it. Once you’re finally ready to move forward with a digital pool pass for your community, you’re ready to move forward! You want the app in hand as soon as possible. One of our most frequently asked questions is simply, “How long will this take?”

Some communities contact us a few weeks before their pool opens and want their pool pass software to be up and running before opening. Unfortunately, we often have to respond that we are unable to accommodate them. That’s frustrating for them, and for us. 

As with so much in the digital service space, the timeline for delivery depends on a few factors, which we’ll outline below. The short answer is, though, it may take longer than you think, mostly based on the time it takes for boards to decide on customizations and finalize decision-making. And, the closer we get to pool season, the busier we’ll get. Getting ahead of this rush will save you a lot of waiting time, and will get an app into your hands far quicker.

There are three factors that determine how long setup will take from the decision to move forward to the go live date. These factors are 1) the time you take on decisions and deliverables, 2) what customizations you’re looking for for your community, and 3) our production schedule.  

Decisions and Deliverables

Once your board has budgeted for our service and signed our letter agreement, the clock has started. Shortly after receiving the signed documents, we will forward you a deliverables checklist that helps us gather various information (pool rules, FAQS, email credentials etc) we will need to set up our service for your community. The speed with which we receive this information back is a big driver for the set up time. The faster you return the information, the shorter the set up time. Upon receipt of the deliverables, we will then schedule a kick off meeting with you. At this meeting, we will walk you through the service and go over the fields and forms you will require residents and owners to submit during their registration. The faster you make these decisions, the shorter your set up time will be. Most communities get deliverables and decisions back to us between 2-3 weeks.


We understand that no two communities are the same and are often asked to make tweaks and adjustments to our standard service. We are fully set up and prepared for this. Some of the requests we can accommodate at no cost, while other more complicated customizations require more time and cost. More complicated customizations typically consist of integrating with other community software platforms or changes in the workflow of how we perform pool pass registration. We are able to give you a good sense for any additional time and cost if any during our kick off meeting. Should there be very few customizations to our service, you can expect your service to be set up and ready within 2-3 weeks from the kick off meeting. The time it takes to complete customizations varies based on the size and scope of the work. 

Our Production Schedule

Lastly, our pool pass software set up time is a function of how busy we are. While we would love to start setting up for you the day we receive your signed agreement, we often are completing work that has already been established in our production schedule. We do our best to communicate start date expectations upfront, so we minimize surprises for you.

While our schedule varies depending on the time of year, typically we can schedule our project kick off call with you within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving your signed letter agreement. However, please be aware that our schedule does start filling up quickly in the winter months, as various communities start preparing for the next year’s pool season.

If you’d like to reach out and schedule a call with us, please click here.