Managing a community ultimately requires management, including systems for voting about community issues and leadership. 

Yep, we’ve got an app for that.

You want to make sure board elections and polls are handled correctly and in compliance with association policies and rules. Your residents expect a smooth, easy-to-use system that protects their voice and privacy.

MokoApp’s new digital voting service accomplishes both. You can use it for either board election or other leadership elections, or for community polling, as often and about as wide a range of topics as you might need.

There are 3 steps to using our digital voting service.

  • Registration

The first step in the voting process is for residents to register. The HOA manager starts by providing a custom web link for residents within the community. Residents then sign up and create an account. Residents can register via their computer or phone, or they can provide their information to the HOA manager. An additional option here is that we can pre-populate resident information into the service via one of our integrations.

After the resident has set up his/her account, the HOA manager reviews it and validates it for authenticity. Once the manager approves and validates the account, the resident is notified that they are approved to vote.  

  • Elections/Polls

HOA managers at any point can log into their online management console and set up an election or poll. Setting up the election is intuitive and takes very little time to do. HOA managers simply select the dates/times the election or poll will run, enter the candidates who are running for the position, and add voting descriptions and instructions. The HOA manager can also select whether to allow proxy voting as well. 

Once the HOA manager finishes the election or poll setup, voting can begin. HOA managers can notify residents to begin voting through any of their existing means of communicating to residents, including emailing residents through the digital voting service. Some communities we work with also incorporate the digital voting service into our mobile app service, allowing them to send out push notification reminders to residents’ phones as well.

  • View Results

As residents log in to their accounts and begin voting, results are displayed privately on the HOA manager’s online console. The results include the resident’s name, address, vote, timestamp of when he/she voted and his/her IP address for validation. The HOA manager can also click on a link to each resident’s ballot as well to see the actual votes and selections they made. Results can be filtered by timestamp, resident, address and other fields as needed for reporting purposes.

MokoApp’s voting service allows you to stay in touch with the voices and votes of your residents, regardless of the size of your community or the scope of the issue. You’ll increase resident engagement due to the easy-to-use and on-time delivery of the system, and you’ll be able to see and store the results online, accessing them whenever you’d like.

If you’d like to reach out and schedule a call with us about adding this service or providing this app to your residents, please click here.